Collingwood Funeral Home is no ordinary funeral home...

In a profession known for its tradition and conservatism - we break the mould.  We are friendly, professional, and genuine. We have a modern approach to Funeral Service.  Our way is refreshing, and can be experienced in every facet of our business; our people, our facilities, and the service we provide.

Funeral directors, Todd Gower and Mike Lee are committed to ensuring that farewelling a loved one is based on your choices. Our role is to go quietly about our business, guiding and supporting you – and ensuring you get what you want, at a price you can afford. Working together, we will create a service that is an expression of love and respect. Your personal needs will be met, and traditions that are important to your family will be followed.

You can read more about our team of Todd Gower and Mike Lee, or read about our values and beliefs.