Providing the standard of service you would expect from a modern funeral director.

Once upon a time, no one questioned the role of the funeral director or the order of events, but now everything is up for discussion – from the colour of the casket, to the venue, the style of service, and the flowers.

Because there’s no longer a set way to conduct a funeral, we’ve found that families more-than-ever need a funeral director who can guide and support them in a down to earth and genuine way. Someone who’s easy to talk to, someone who can offer fresh ideas or make suggestions that ‘fit’ the family dynamics, but also someone who understands the need to respect tradition, values or beliefs...

The team at Collingwood are those people - we provide dignified care, genuine advice and value across all our services from traditional or contemporary Funeral Services to our Direct Cremation Service - and nothing is too much to ask, or too much trouble.

For a modern and refreshing approach and dignified care, talk to us today.