Mike Lee

From a farming background, Mike has always enjoyed the outdoors and the farming lifestyle. It's this upbringing that Mike attributes to his true appreciation for the simple things in life.  

Mike is known for his warm caring personality and this is definitely reflected in his manner when it comes to funeral directing - he is empathetic, understanding and comforting yet he also shows strength for families when needed. I am so proud to be able to help the community in Rotorua and Cambridge. It's about time funeral Directors are transparent about not only costs but also options and family involvement, not only saving money if that's important but also creating a send off that is personalized and has everyone involved. I have always thought of others first since I was a little kid and this is the best thing I could think of doing now, helping a family when they need someone real and genuine. A farm boy with the kiwi can do attitude Mike is a real person doing what he loves - helping others create a fitting and memorable send off......

Personal statement:

"It’s such a wonderful feeling going to “work” and being able to do something that not only comes naturally but is something that I’m told is a gift, it helps people relate to me… I’m just a real person helping others through perhaps one of the most difficult times they will face.”

Testimonials and client comments:

"He will welcome you with a smile and is always thoughtful to everyone."

"A true friend and confidante in our time of need - we couldn't have done this without your help Mike."