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Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ)

The absence of legislation governing the provision of funeral services means anyone can set up as a funeral director. There are people who do this without experience or training, appropriate vehicles and premises or with few skills to provide care, support and the attention you and the deceased deserve.

However, you can depend on the integrity of an FDANZ funeral director. About 80% of funerals are performed by funeral directors who are members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. The choice to join and be accepted into FDANZ means a commitment by members to provide a thoroughly professional and high-quality service. Members are regularly monitored by the association to ensure those standards are maintained at all times.

FDANZ Funeral Directors

Your FDANZ funeral director can provide some or all of the following services:

  • Ascertaining the family’s wishes
  • Providing advice
  • Transporting the deceased
  • Liaising with the doctor, hospital or coroner as necessary
  • Preparing, embalming and casketing the deceased
  • Liaising with the florist, minister or celebrant
  • Organising newspaper notices
  • Organising the burial or cremation with local authorities
  • Providing the authorities with the death certificate and burial information
  • This is just a portion of the tasks handled by an FDANZ funeral director.
  • ‘Caring Professionalism’ best sums up the intention of a FDANZ funeral director.

The qualities of a FDANZ funeral director

‘Caring professionalism’ best sums up the intention of an FDANZ funeral director – someone who will serve you well as an adviser, administrator, supporter and caregiver when sadness makes it hard to think clearly.

These qualities result from a series of strict criteria that members must adhere to: commitment to codes of ethics and conduct; a requirement that those on the FDANZ Register of Funeral Directors have a nationally recognised qualification in funeral directing; mandatory on-going training; the experience to provide practical assistance and considerate support for you and your family; a broad understanding of religious and ethnic customs; familiarity with legal obligations and local authority regulations. This collective knowledge provides for smooth running of all the arrangements and the absolute best in personal service.

There are also minimum requirements for premises and facilities that all FDANZ members must offer in order to deliver professional funeral services. These are regularly inspected to ensure they meet the agreed standards.

What to expect from a FDANZ funeral director

Your FDANZ funeral director is available for you 24/7. They can meet you in your home or at their premises when it suits you. The funeral director will describe all the services they offer so you can choose what will suit your family’s requirements. This can include arranging the service, all transfers of the deceased, selecting a casket, advice on flowers and donations, arranging the death certificate, printing service sheets, writing and placing newspaper notices, catering, and so on.

Once you have decided on the type of funeral you would like for your loved one, it is the funeral director’s job to smooth the way. Having discussed your requirements, your funeral director will then make all the arrangements you want and relieve you of the stress which is often associated with making arrangements and decisions at a time when you are often not emotionally equipped to do so. This leaves you free to spend time with family and friends and deal with your grief.

The FDANZ’s Code of Ethics requires each member funeral director to respect your right of personal choice and decision-making. Your funeral director is dedicated to helping you cope with your grief by working with you to provide a funeral that has due regard for the ethnic origin and spiritual beliefs of your loved one and your family, and provides for a dignified, practical and tasteful celebration of your loved one’s life.

FDANZ credibility

In the very unusual event of a dispute or complaint with the service provided by an FDANZ funeral director, the issue will be dealt with by an established, independent, complaints resolution procedure. This is further protection for you and the assurance of the high standards that FDANZ expects its members to provide.