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In a profession known for its tradition and conservatism - we break the mould.  We are friendly, professional, and genuine. We have a modern approach to Funeral Service.  Our way is refreshing, and can be experienced in every facet of our business; our people, our facilities, and the service we provide.

Funeral directors, Todd Gower and Mike Lee are committed to ensuring that farewelling a loved one is based on your choices. Our role is to go quietly about our business, guiding and supporting you – and ensuring you get what you want, at a price you can afford. Working together, we will create a service that is an expression of love and respect. Your personal needs will be met, and traditions that are important to your family will be followed.

Our Values - We believe...

We believe that a funeral should be about the person first and foremost. It’s their set of values, cultural influences, beliefs and final wishes that should come to the fore. When this happens, you know the person is being remembered in a relevant and meaningful way.

We believe that funeral choices shouldn’t be pre-set. Funerals can be small intimate affairs, large public gatherings or something in between. They can be held at a church, at home or at a public place like a park or reserve… the choice is yours.

We believe that people should be comfortable talking to us. Our funeral home is warm and inviting, almost like stepping into a friend’s home.

We believe that families should be involved as much as they want to be … whether they arrange the flowers for the casket, design the service sheet or bake a cake for the reception – or even painting the casket Mum’s favourite colour. Why not bring the family pet to the funeral service. If something feels right and it helps with grieving, then we will support you to make it happen.

We also believe that funerals shouldn’t break the bank – the deceased wouldn’t want that, and we don’t want that either. That’s why we use all of our skills, experience and expertise to guide you through a process that results in a dignified, personalised service that sits in line with your budget. It's a privilege to serve the Rotorua area.

Mike Lee

From a farming background, Mike has always enjoyed the outdoors and the farming lifestyle. It's this upbringing that Mike attributes to his true appreciation for the simple things in life.  

Mike is known for his warm caring personality and this is definitely reflected in his manner when it comes to funeral directing - he is empathetic, understanding and comforting yet he also shows strength for families when needed. I am so proud to be able to help the community in Rotorua and Cambridge. It's about time funeral Directors are transparent about not only costs but also options and family involvement, not only saving money if that's important but also creating a send off that is personalized and has everyone involved. I have always thought of others first since I was a little kid and this is the best thing I could think of doing now, helping a family when they need someone real and genuine. A farm boy with the kiwi can do attitude Mike is a real person doing what he loves - helping others create a fitting and memorable send off...

Personal statement

"It’s such a wonderful feeling going to “work” and being able to do something that not only comes naturally but is something that I’m told is a gift, it helps people relate to me… I’m just a real person helping others through perhaps one of the most difficult times they will face.”


"He will welcome you with a smile and is always thoughtful to everyone."

"A true friend and confidante in our time of need - we couldn't have done this without your help Mike."

Todd Gower

National Certificate in Funeral Directing 

Following Todd's decision to make funeral directing his chosen career, he went on to gain the National Certificate in Funeral Directing and thereafter he opened his own successful funeral business in Tauranga (which he subsequently sold in 2012).  In 2014, Todd made the decision to once again pursue his passion, by establishing a funeral business in the Waipa and Rotorua regions.  His aim is to ensure that all families can engage a funeral director with a distinctive and modern approach to funeral services. You are always greeted with a warm genuine face when you meet Todd.

Personal statement

“I couldn’t think of a more rewarding profession to be involved in; it is a true privilege to be asked to create a truly fitting farewell for a loved one."


"Todd really went the extra mile and suggested some wonderful touches that made Dad's funeral extra special and personal."