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We have all heard the adage and we’ve more than likely even said “it all adds up” and unfortunately, yes it can. But if you need to keep the costs down we’re here to help. We all know so well that funeral costs can put some families under financial pressure. 

If there are budget considerations, please just let us know we will work with you to minimise any financial pressures and discuss payment options with you. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary funeral, or one of our set service options, we will ease you through the process of arranging a funeral to suit your budget requirements.

The total funeral invoice is made up of three main parts:

The Professional Services Fee

This is our fee, Please note our professional services fee is not set in concrete like some other funeral homes…our professional services fee is fully flexible depending on what you require us to do.


These are any items you purchase from us such as the casket, service sheets, and attendance register.


We will, with your instructions and on your behalf pay for other services such as the celebrant or clergy, the organist, the caterers, doctors’ documentation fees etc. There may be other items we purchase such as newspaper notices flowers, audio visual hire etc.

All of the above will be itemised on the funeral invoice so you can see exactly what each item costs, please just ask us if you require an estimate of costs.

Here are some helpful ideas to reduce costs and involve friends and family:

  • Printing and design of the service sheets.
  • Arrange your own catering - people love to help, suggest they bring a plate.
  • Source flowers and/or other items to personalise the funeral.
  • View your loved one soon after passing; this may eliminate the need for embalming thus saving money.
  • Hold a private family service followed by a memorial service – see our fixed price plans
  • Arrange the venue, the celebrant, the organist and the hire companies if they are needed yourself.