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In recent times we have seen the need for packages to suit those just wanting something simple - perhaps a farewell with close family and friends or maybe something a bit more complex and bigger than that.

To help you in your time of need, we offer options for those not requiring a funeral service or for those who prefer a simpler farewell followed by cremation or burial.

Simple Cremation Service from $3495 (GST inclusive)

This is our direct cremation option, whereby we will transfer from the place of death to our premises, secure all necessary documentation from the doctor, dress the person in clothing provided by the family, place him or her in a simple cremation casket and take them to be cremated. We will order and deliver to you the Death Certificate. The ashes will be returned to the family. If required, we will make our lounge available to family and friends to spend time with the deceased prior us taking him or her to the crematorium for cremation.

​Funeral Services from $5600 (GST inclusive)

We are currently working on some funeral service price options, in the meantime please give us a call if you'd like us to have a chat about the costs involved, we are more than happy to supply an estimate of costs tailored to you and your family. 

Some may wish to personalise these two options, that's fine, we encourage it. Please just talk to us about how we can help tailor a service that truly reflects a loved one's wishes.